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From now on in learningCloud we will be able to create Pathways that will allow the user to delve into a specific topic, either because a GAP has been detected between what he should know for his position and his performance or because a high potential has been detected in the user and it is required to support him with training. A pathway is a group of sprints that optionally give a badge to the user who meets the requirements of overcoming it.

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What type of badge is awarded?

The badges of the learning routes meet the same criteria as the badges of sprints or activities.

How do I create a new pathway?

A pathway is always born from a channel, once the pathway is created an optional completeness badge can be assigned.

In addition the option to hide the members that belong to the pathway will be added, this option can be changed at any time.

The administrator can convert any existing channel into a pathway at any time simply by editing the details. Reverse operation is not allowed (non-reversible operation).

Therefore Pathways have no start and end date, just like channels.

What's new in Pathways?

  • Sorting the learning route sprints

The sprints may be ordered to be consumed by the same order previously established by the administrator.

  • Mark mandatory or optional sprints

The administrator can indicate which sprints are mandatory and which are optional within each pathway.

  • Logo procurement rules

The administrator will have to determine which of the sprints that compose the learning route are obligatory, these will be part of the rule of obtaining the badge of the same (if there is badge assigned). That is to say, all sprints marked as obligatory must be done.

  • Pathway Progress Indicator

Number of mandatory sprints missing to complete the pathway.

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Publishing a pathway

Once the pathway has been configured, the administrator selects the target groups and publishes the pathway.

Once the pathway has been published, it will not be possible to add, delete, change the order or assign the obligatory nature of the sprints that compose it. For any change it will be necessary to unpublish the pathway.

Once a learning route has been published:

The administrator can hide a pathway at any time, that implies:

  • That the pathway does not appear so that students can access it.
  • That the administrator can change the order of sprints
  • That the administrator can add new sprints to the pathway.
  • That the administrator can change the mandatory nature of the sprints that compose it.

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How does the user see the learning routes?

The user sees the learning route as any channel within the carousel of channels. A special icon will be displayed for the learning routes. You will also have quick access to your progress within it.

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