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Today, you can access the learningCloud instances in two ways: using the http protocol (clear communication) in the URLs, or https (secure / encrypted communication).

As of July 1st, it will only be possible to access the learningCloud instances through the https protocol (secure/encrypted communication), which means an improvement in platform security:

  • Security: This protocol guarantees that the information received by a browser originates from the expected domain.
  • Privacy: It prevents that the information exchanged between the server and the browser can be read by a malicious entity that manages to access an intermediate point of communication.
  • Lower risk of theft and misuse of data: Ensures that when the user sends important and private data, they are being sent to the correct and registered place, and not to a malicious site.

How does this change affect me?

If you have saved links to URLs that point to the http protocol, the platform will redirect you automatically to https, therefore, the links will not be affected.

If your SCORM/xAPI contents include images, videos or other external elements, and the URLs to these resources include the http protocol, the content will not be seen correctly.

What can I do to correct it?

Check your content and make sure that images and multimedia components do not include "http:" in their URL.

You can check if your content does not look good on https. Enter the platform making sure you access to https (the URL must start with "https:", for example "https://(my-company).learningcloud.me") and launch the SCORM/xAPI content you want to review. If you detect that there are problems loading an image, video, audio, or similar, check the URL where that multimedia resource is published, and make sure it also includes the "https:" protocol.

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