01/09/2020 contentCloud (versión 1.21) Novedades en plantillas Tokyo y Berlin

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To return from the summer on a good foot, we bring you the latest improvements we have incorporated in the Tokyo and Berlin templates.

Improvements in Tokyo

-Hide the language selector at startup. By default, when a unit is multi-language, the language selector is always displayed for the student to choose the one they want. Now we can prevent it from appearing and directly loading a default language, although the student can change the language later whenever they want. Learn more.

- Launcher. It can be linked to screens of the same unit. This will allow you to generate custom navigations, without using the side or vertical navigation buttons. Learn more. NOTE: When creating content with custom navigation it will be necessary to carefully design the objectives of the unit, especially if any screen is optional and the student does not have to visit it.

- You can hide the side navigation buttons. If you want to create custom navigations with launchers,we can hide the side buttons from the Common Properties area with the"Hide navigation between screens"property. Learn more.

- Import units from Word to Tokyo. Import from Word now recognizes images that are added inside. Just add the image tag. See the new user guide here.

Improvements in Berlin

- Sections of the pages can be displayed in the main menu. Now we can have in Berlin a main menu that shows sections and sub-sections of the unit. Learn more.

- Added the Timeline component that we also have in Tokyo. Learn more.

- Rows can already stand out from the central area, as in Tokyo with the "right margin" and "left margin" properties. Learn more.

- Free typing activities limit the number of characters that can be written to a maximum of 2500.

- Import units from Word to Berlin. You can now create units with Berlin importing from Word. See here for the new user guide for labeling.

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