2019/12/19 contenCloud (1.11 version) New improvements in Tokyo and Berlin templates.

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Here are the latest improvements that we have incorporated in the Tokyo and Berlin templates. Surely they will be very useful!

1. Tokyo. New component: Divider. This is a new graphic separation that you can add between contents. You can add a linear separator or an image.

2. Tokyo. Image gallery. Now you have a new view, with the forward and reverse buttons more visible than before. 

3. Tokyo. Advanced launcher. A new style for the launcher has been created. It allows to add a title, a text and several images.

4. Tokyo. Questionnaire. Here you have three important improvements:

- You can hide or show the "Finish" button (so the student could finish the questionnaire without exhausting the attempts).

- You can configure unlimited attempts in a questionnaire by marking 0 on the "Attempts" property. 

- You can block the progress to the next page until the student passes the questionnaire or exhaust the attempts. And now it also works with unlimited attempts. In this case, the advance will be unlocked as soon as the minimum score is exceeded, although you can continue making infinite attempts until you reach 100% of the grade.

5. Tokyo. New style of screen. You can create a shadowless screen on the sides of the central content lane, leaving a completely flat screen without borders. 

6. Berlin. Now you can define the students' navigation mode (free or sequential navigation) and set objectives that must be met to complete the unit. Configure and customise your Berlin units as you wish.

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