2019/05/14 contentCloud (version 1.1) Plantilla Tokyo. Cambiamos la forma de configurar la interfaz

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On Monday, May 20, we will release a major change in the interface configuration of Tokyo template.

Until now, you could add some elements in the interface in the "Properties" Tab (glossary, help button button, downloads, search engine, close button...).

Image 5862

Now, these elements will be added as components. In other words, they will be added from the "Add" tab.

Image 5860

And they will have their specific properties

Image 5861

How does it affect new productions? 

Now, you will have to add these elements as components.

How already created projects will be affected

The old way will be replaced by the new one automatically, avoiding you having to make any manual modifications to your existing units.

We hope that this change will improve the usability of the template and mean an improvement in its edition.

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