2020/07/15 contentCloud (versión 1.19) Mejoras en las plantillas Tokyo, Berlin y Vienna

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At contentCloud we continue to work to offer our customers improvements that allow them to create more and better content.

These are the latest updates we include in our templates.


  • Link to page from launcher. From the Launcher component you can now generate a link to other pages on the drive. This allows you to generate freer navigations between the contents. More info.
  • Tooltips. We added within Tokyo a new type of pop-up: tooltips. You can create them as a specific type of popup and link them to texts and click map areas. More info.
  • Image gallery. New style is added and the ability to decide where to place the statement (up or down). More info.
  • Section. In this component, which allows you to add contents to the entire screen width (fullsize), we have added new properties that will allow you to get more out of it. It can be used to create headers and page holders across the entire screen width, to create content separators... More info.


  • Sections are more customizable. You can set the background color of the center column, type of gradient, which is transparent, its width (M, L, XL...) ... More info.
  • Click maps. Added panel functionality that Tokyo also has. More info.
  • Accordion and Eyelash Group. A new style is added that allows you to customize your colors. More info.
  • Audio and Video. The fast forward lock function is added. More info.
  • Tooltips. We incorporate this new type of popup, just like in Tokyo. More info.
  • Launcher. New component, with the same operation as in Tokyo. More info.
  • Scormplayer. New component that allows us to add external contents in which we can control their trace and assign targets to it. For example, when that external content is completed (or exceeded), the feed is unlocked. More info.
  • Audio gallery. New component, just like in Tokyo. More info
  • Floating content. New component. More info.
  • Instruction. New component. More info
  • Tap-tap activity. The join view is added with arrows, just like in Tokyo.


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