2020/06/12 contentCloud (versión 1.17) Novedades de la plantilla Tokyo

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Here are the lastest developments that improve and increase the capabilities of the Tokyo template.

  1. New features in Click Maps. We have added several interesting improvements such as new types of areas, changing the color of the areas, links to panels... Now, much more versatile than ever. Learn more here.
  2. New Component Section. This new component allows you to add content that will occupy the entire screen width. It can be very useful for generating headlines for screens and content separators. Find out more here.
  3. Full screen images. Images are allowed to open in full screen when pressed, something very useful for viewing content on mobile terminals. It can be configured with the property "Enable full screen" in the images of the following components:
    • Image
    • Before after
    • Image gallery
    • Audio gallery
    • Images in Timeline
  4. External animation to fullscreen. Now you can configure external animations to open in full screen. For that, we have enabled a specific property to configure it. More information here.

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