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From version 4.7.0 the integration has been changed so that users can share their badges through Badgr instead of OpenBadges.

Users who have earned badges in learningCloud can store and publish them on their social networks. If the admin has activated the option to integrate with Badgr, the user will only need to have a Badgr account to start sharing his badges.


For Your Organization

Create branded credential systems that connect your learners to new opportunities.Recognize and reward your learners with secure, portable, and shareable digital credentials.Visualize, analyze, learn from, and expand your community using Badgr’s powerful Pathways functionality.

For Your Learners

Explore authentic and meaningful learning experiences, created by organizations you trust.Collect and organize digital badges and credentials in your free, unlimited personal backpack.Share awards and collections to networks that matter to you, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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