2020/03/16 contentCloud (versión 1.14) Nuevas mejoras en las plantilla Tokyo, Berlín y Vegas.

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Our contentCloud template development team has been very busy lately and has made some interesting improvements to three of our templates:


  • Popup targets. Now, if a popup containing a target element (e.g. a video or a quiz) is associated with a page, the page will not be unlocked until all targets (those of the page itself and its popups) are met. And that pop-up element also appears in the objectives summary. 
  • Image gallery. There is now the possibility to hide the lower navigation bullets. Read more about it here
  • Questionnaires. If you create a questionnaire or a block of activities with only 1 question, the forward and backward buttons and the legend "X for X" disappear. 
  • True/False questions. You can now customize the text of the "True" and "False" options and you can decide their position: below the statement, to the right or to the left. More info here.


  • In this template we have also added the logic of the objectives in popups. 
  • You can now create multi-lingual units with Berlin. More information here
  • The Interactive Video component is added. The same component we have in Tokyo, now also available in Berlin. More info here. 
  • True/False questions. As in Tokyo, the text of the "True" and "False" options can be customized and you can decide their position. More info here.


  • We have improved the behavior and responsiveness of some components to better adapt them if we incorporate the embedded units in learningCloud. 
  • Now we can configure objectives! We can now do the same as with Tokyo or Berlin.
  • Customize the page: you can now decide the width of the content (like the central column of Tokyo) and a background color or image. A very important improvement for the layout. 

More info here.

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