Release notes 4.5.0

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Lock & Hide

With the new Lock & Hide feature a user with author or administrator role will be able to hide a content for editing.

When an author blocks a content, it can only be seen by the author who blocked it and by any administrator.

This new functionality will allow:

  • Lock and hide content during editing and unlock it when it is ready for publication.
  • Define scopes for content, so that each author user can manage their own content catalog and decide whether or not it is visible to other authors, validators or group administrators.

In addition, the functionality is extended to define the scope of group administrators. So a user with this profile can only see in the classification of users belonging to their groups. That is, a group administrator:

  • You can only register the users or groups to which you belong.
  • You can only see the classification of the users who are in the groups to which you belong.

The functionality presented in this version does not affect students in any case. When there are users registered in the Sprints, they will still be able to access them normally.

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