learningCloud 5.22 - Actividades multi-idioma

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On 23 November we will deploy learningCloud 5.22, whose most important new features are:

Multilang activities

learningCloud allowed the creation of multi-language sprints and pathways by entering literals for the titles and descriptions of the sprints and itineraries themselves and of the blocks and activities that make them up. However, at the activity level, only xAPI activities created with ContentCloud supported this functionality, which allows the platform to indicate the language in which the activity should be launched. In this release we have added multi-language support for:

  • text
  • image
  • external (link) activities

By simply clicking on the language of the activity you can add the text, image or url of each of the languages in which you want it to be displayed.

To be able to make use of this functionality it is necessary to have a multi-language add-on and the sprint to which the activity belongs must be configured with more than one language.

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