learningCloud 5.19 - Añadir video como portada de un sprint

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On 13 October we will deploy learningCloud 5.19, whose most important new features are:

Adding a video as a sprint cover. 

From this version onwards, authors and administrators will have the possibility to add a video as a sprint cover. This video is a teaser of the sprint and will be displayed in the learner portal as follows:

  • If the training is configured to appear in the featured carousel: the video will replace the image as the cover page in the carousel.
  • If the training is not configured to appear in the highlights carousel: The sprint cover will be the image and the video will be displayed in the sprint details window when the user clicks on the "info" icon.

Image 48850

For this functionality to be visible from the learner portal it is necessary to activate the new learner portal which will be launched in the coming dates.

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