contentCloud 1.32 - Nuevo panel de administración de las unidades de autoría

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In the new realease 1.32 we have incorporated a new design of the administration panel of the authoring units, more practical and functional:

We organize the most relevant functionalities in tabs.

Image 33781

Easily edit and change the details of your unit with a single click (its name, its code, its labels, its cost, its duration...).

Image 33782

    Easily access unit versions

    Image 33796

    Review and access the unit editor

    Image 33788

    Easily lock and unlock the unit

    Image 33817

    Publish and manage posts from a single tab

    Image 33787

    Manages the team of the unit

    Image 33790

    Configure the unit in a single tab: its navigation, objectives and tracking

    Image 33791

    Image 33792

    Image 33793

    Image 33794

    And access the rest of the functionalities from the options menu

    Image 33797

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