contentCloud 1.30 - Novedades en contentCloud y en las plantillas Tokyo y Berlin

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We start in April with several new features in contentCloud and its templates

Duplicate projects

In the previous version we activated the possibility to duplicate folders with all their contents and now we extend this functionality to the projects. Copy and duplicate an entire project very quickly. Learn more.

New data in publications

Now you can add a representative image to each publications(to differentiate, for example, the scorm publish from the xapi publish) and you can also define tags. This way it will be easier to search publications! Learn more.

Tokyo template improvements

  • New free cover. We've added a new cover page type for the units. On this page you can add any item you want and customize it as you want. Learn more.
  • New "Screen Audio" component. Do you want to accompany your contents with a locution? Add on your screens an audio that will play as soon as you access each screen. Learn more.

Berlin template improvements

  • New "Screen Audio" component. We have also added this new functionality here.
  • New component "Carousel". Similar to an image gallery, it will allow you to add any element (videos, audio, images...). Learn more.

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