NetexCloud 2.23

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Enable the modification of extended fields from the user's profile

Now it is possible to modify any extended field from your user's profile menu.What you need to do to so your users can start using this new functionality?

  • As a NetexCloud administrator go to "Advanced Configuration", navigate to "Extended Fields" tab, select the wanted extended field (or create a new one), and click on the "Edit" button.Image 8946
  • From the field edit-menu you can configure its visibility and editable properties in the user's profile menu. Activate both properties and save the configuration.
  • Image 8955
  • Image 8956
  • Go to the user's profile menu and the extended field is now visible there for both administrators and regular users. Click on the "Edit account" button, now you should be able to modify the field with the wanted input. Fill it in with the required information and save the configuration.
  • Image 8957
  • Image 8960
  • Image 8961
  • Image 8962
  • Image 8963
  • Image 8964

Congrats! The newly populated information should now appear under your profile information. Please, remember that only those fields activated by the administrator will be editable in your profile menu.

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