CWP - usuarios ven contenido que no debería estar asignado

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CWP had an assignment rule to the "Consultant" group due to the language. This rule added all platform users to the group and enrolled them all on the learningCloud "Consultant" channel.

In August I deleted the rule and uploaded a csv to delete users who weren't supposed to be in the consultant group. Because the assignment rules are for adding and not for deleting, those additional users still see the channel content, but they shouldn't. Is there a way to remove them from sprints other than to exclude them one by one?

Best regards.

Ntx Support
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Hola Fátima,

Desde nuestro equipo de desarrollo nos indican que actualmente no es posible desinscribir de forma masiva a usuarios que fueron inscritos de forma individual. A través de CSV las únicas operaciones disponibles son Inscribir (E) y recomendar (R).


Jacobo Gómez Customer Support Agent

Hello Fátima,

Our development team said that currently it's not possible to massively exclude users that were enrolled individually. Using a CSV, the only possible operations are Enroll (E) and recommend (R).

Kind regards,

Jacobo Gómez Customer Support Agent

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